GINGER is a Knowledge Transfer and Consultancy Company led by healthcare professional Professor Thomas Kwok-Shing Wong, JP. GINGER is served by a team of experienced academics and experts from healthcare, human resources, finance, public relation and marketing, media, quality assurance and education background. The staff team will use their knowledge and creativity to form multi-disciplinary project teams to create a versatile and robust knowledge transfer platform.

Through its strong social and business network, GINGER team identifies cross-sectoral and cross-country opportunities to utilize the team’s multi-faceted know-how in education, commerce, and service sectors to provide short courses, certificate programmes from enhancement courses to post-graduate programmes to train practitioners into a new generation of professionals that could embrace modern day challenges.

Founded in Hong Kong in 2014, GINGER is in the process of establishing affiliates by the name of GINGER SEEDS in Wuhan, Guangzhou, Changsha etc. in Mainland China. The liaison with China affiliates enables knowledge transfer, cross-fertilisation, and closer co-operation in R&D between Mainland and Hong Kong healthcare professionals.

Healthcare professionals are in unprecedented demand both in Hong Kong and in the Mainland. The challenges posed by the aging population in Hong Kong and the risk of epidemics of serious infectious diseases in modern societies heighten the demand for healthcare workers, nurses and doctors alike. The demand is not just in terms of numbers in the workforce but also in the quality of the healthcare professionals working in it. Moreover, in a knowledge-based economy, it is no longer sufficient to know one’s own discipline, effective solutions and synergy can only come through cross-sectoral collaboration.

GINGER provides healthcare education and training as its primary activity. It also invests in research and development (R&D) of healthcare products, Asian healthcare models to contribute to public health by enabling researchers to collaborate with industry partners. Through providing consultancy and continuous professional development in healthcare knowledge, skills, and technology, GINGER aspires to facilitate efficient and effective knowledge transfer to professionals working in the healthcare industry.