Research and Commercialization

GINGER’s business focuses on research-based. We invest in research and development of healthcare products and applications.

What we do: Translate knowledge and technology produced by research into market products and service models.


We have invested in research and development of a randomized controlled trial of topical tea tree oil for MRSA-colonized wounds. Mela-4-Derm, a new brand solely owned by Ginger has been successfully launched in Chinese mainland and Europe. Mela-4-Derm Tea Tree Oil can be used on acne and open wound including those colonized with MRSA and wound dressings.

Health Apps and Online Games

We have developed an Apps for health data recording and health monitoring. We design an integrative health check solutions for our clients. The Apps can be embedded in the Apps for property management, which further promote the caring image of the property management company to their residents. The Apps can be directly downloaded to their smart phone from Apps store. With this Apps, the residents can choose to receive a monthly report on their health condition with a small fee. There will also be regular updates on health information accessible to users who have installed this Apps.

Our IT solutionist have also developed online games and cartoon animations for learning purpose for higher education institutions in Hong Kong. The computer game programme is used for teaching students different social skills through animated simulations, real-life social situations video and interactive games. Analytic codes were added to evaluate students’ game performance and their behaviours while playing the game so that teachers could understand students from different angles.