Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

Research and trial of HRV data collection and analysis devices (e.g. watches) were conducted by GINGER. Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is a measurement of the activities of autonomic nervous system (ANS). ANS is essential for keeping vital functions in our body, such as blood pressure, breathing, heart beats, cell functions, cognition, mood, emotion, etc..

HRV is capable of providing several indices which reflexes the balance status of the ANS and thus the health status of the body. The diseases that have associations with changes in HRV include cardiovascular diseases, Diabetes mellitus, brain injury and epilepsy and several sub-healthy status such as obesity, depression and anxiety, sleep disorder, dizziness, migraine and hypertension. Hence, it is possible to enhance our body function by continuously monitoring of HRV. It can even prevent pre-mature death as the detection of any abnormalities from HRV indices can alert the user to seek medical help before it is too late.

We have successfully produced a HRV monitoring prototype for human use. Now we are in the process of developing a similar model for pets.