Short courses for healthcare professionals and administrators

With our team of experienced academics in health care profession, we collaborate with other academic and professional organizations in running short courses in healthcare administration and management, and also co-run offshore programme in the field of health science.


Programme planning and accreditation

GINGER has a team of experienced academics who have abundant experience in programme planning and accreditation exercise in Hong Kong. We were involved in the validation exercise of an Associate degree programme offered by a local higher education institution. The programme was approved by the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications (HKCAAVQ) and is being implemented now. Besides, our team of consultants were engaged to review the professional training programme with an aim to upgrade it from sub-degree to degree equivalent level. Currently, we are also conducting a 2-year study for the self-financed higher education sector on the credit transfer systems that are deployed specifically for general education.


An Integrative Life Planning Model for People with Dementia

GINGER places great efforts in developing protocols for training the elders with dementia through a series of integrative learning activities including, but not limited to reality orientation, daily living skills training, reminiscence therapy, multisensory intervention, music therapy, aroma therapy, fall prevention, mindfulness, meridian exercise, brain health work [4 Arts – qín (琴)、qí (棋)、shū (書)、huà (畫)] and health education. We adopt a life planning approach to dementia care which focuses on abilities that an older person possesses. It strives to deliver holistic care and educate others to meet the needs of old people. Multi-modality treatments are incorporated into a structured session that involves physical, cognitive, social and emotional stimulation. The session is repeated over time to foster a sense of familiarity, security and ability. This in turn encourages engagement and facilitates development.   Each session can be offered either in group and individual, depending on the needs and conditions of the old people.

Through providing services and train-the-trainers workshops for NGOs, GINGER advocates the protocol and allows NGOs to use this protocol to treat their elders with mild to moderate level of dementia.

Apart from NGOs training, GINGER also partners with NGOs in aging districts to train home carers so that more people will be equipped with knowledge to take care of their family members with dementia. We aim to promote this dementia caring model among neighborhood and encourage home carers to take care of one additional elder with dementia in their home. GINGER runs free training workshops in those aging districts to equip home carers on a regular base.



An Integrative Life Skills Learning Programme for Children

We have developed an integrative life skills learning programme – Qn Mug for kids. The programme aims to facilitate children’s development in language, social and emotional, physical fitness, cultural, environment and health literacy. Through an active and exciting learning experience, the children will grow socially, emotionally, physically and cognitively. To facilitate planning of children’s development programme, professional assessment of the different literacy levels will be conducted. Based on the outcome, we help children develop their life skills learning plan. Their accomplishments in the different areas of literacy will be endorsed by qualified professionals.



Community based research

 Apart from the research and development work described above, we were also invited to review the initiatives for improvement of health and safety in Wong Tai Sin district and, based on the findings recommend the necessary strategies for further enhancement.


Seamless Care

GINGER works with Seamless Care Ltd. (web address, an outreaching service using web and Apps platform to request for healthcare service. The healthcare team of Seamless Care Limited includes family doctors, registered Chinese Medicine practitioners, registered nurses, nurse specialists, enrolled nurses, dietitians, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, aromatherapists, senior health care assistants, personal care workers, health workers and rehabilitation assistants etc. providing locum service for hospitals, wards and nursing homes.     



Medical Concierge Service

To provide unique high quality health care to senior executives and their family members, especially those in the Mainland China, medical concierge service is established in the form of a prestigious Health Club with limited membership. We provide comprehensive health check, prompt access to prominent Specialists and hospitals in Hong Kong, continuous health monitoring and review with high technology support and direct access to designated professional Health Manager at all times. We guarantee high level of personal privacy on client’s information and medical advices.